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BuzzOff: Mini Mosquito Zapper

BuzzOff: Mini Mosquito Zapper

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17 * 17 * 7 cm

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Introducing the BuzzOff: Mini Mosquito Zapper – your compact, go-to solution for mosquito troubles! This innovative device is designed for maximum efficiency in spaces up to 20 square meters, making it the ultimate household mosquito killer.

Say goodbye to those pesky mosquito bites with BuzzOff's powerful combination of physical mosquito-killing technology and strong suction. Its sleek and stylish beige or black design seamlessly blends into any home decor, while the light source mimics a photocatalyst to attract mosquitoes. Once lured in, our electric shock mosquito trap swiftly deals with them.

With BuzzOff, you're not just getting a mosquito killer; you're getting peace of mind. Experience uninterrupted nights and outdoor gatherings without the constant buzzing and itching. Compact, easy to use, and highly effective, BuzzOff is the key to a mosquito-free haven. Say hello to a mosquito-free life with BuzzOff: Mini Mosquito Zapper.

  • Important Information

    Material:Plastic, Others

    Package Size:

    150 x 150 x 230 mm


    Lightwave mosquito trapping, physical mosquito killing, strong suction and efficient mosquito catching

    Multi-scenario application

  • Specification:

    Applicable area: Less than 20 square meters
    Model: Household mosquito killer
    Color: Beige, black
    Light source type: Photocatalyst mosquito killer
    Light source power: Electric shock mosquito trap
    Shell technology: Suction mosquito killer